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What is consultancy? What is within the scope of the consultancy policy? What is

Consultancy is the provision of remunerated services to external clients in the form of
expert advice or assistance with problem solving, which draws on or applies the
consultant’s knowledge base and experience. Consultancy assignments sometimes
extend to work beyond the giving of advice.

Which countries accept IELTS & TOEFL?

IELTS is accepted by most of the universities in the world. However, American
universities prefer TOEFL. We highly recommend you to take IELTS test if you
are not applying in American universities.

Can I personally visit your office? How will I be benefited after visiting your

Sure, you are most welcome to visit our office personally. We are well-stocked with
Brochures, Application Forms, and experienced counselors to solve your queries and to
guide you properly for the realization of your objective.

It is said that students with study gap and low IELTS score can’t apply under
streamlined visa processing (SVP)?

YES, you can apply. You need to submit proof in details for what you did during

study gaps.